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  • The #1 Auto Sales & Leasing Specialist in LA
  • Best in New Car Sales
  • Lease or Purchase, New or Certified Pre-Owned
  • All Makes & Models
  • We Deliver to Your Home or Office
  • Broker Fee Paid by Dealer, Not Customer

Automatique Sales & Leasing

Automatique Sales & Leasing has been in business helping consumers in the Los Angeles area since 1993. Our business is based on a love of cars, rather than sales and profits. Due to our partnerships with participating dealers and lenders, you benefit with significant savings on your auto purchases.

Unlike your typical neighborhood car dealer, we are not interested in making a “killing” on each sale. Rather, our goal is to make your purchase/lease and subsequent use of your automobile, sport utility or truck painless and enjoyable. Simply put, we care about you and your new car.

How often do you hear a salesman tell you that now is not the appropriate time for you to buy/lease a new car? That you should wait another year or two. Has a sales professional ever told you that you do not need the more expensive version of an automobile or that a given accessory may not suit you? Probably not!

On the other hand, Automatique Sales & Leasing is here to advise you of what would be best for you! Buying versus leasing. Small down payment and higher payments versus larger down payment and putting off the purchase until you have more equity in your current vehicle. And, which accessories you should or should not buy.

We have built our business on word of mouth advertising from happy, loyal customers who return over and over for their new purchases/leases and their referrals.

Automatique Sales & Leasing is here to make the purchase or lease of your new car truly enjoyable. Our one-on-one service starts when you first contact us and continues for as long as you own your car.

Let us show you the Automatique Sales & Leasing way of buying or leasing a new car: Your satisfaction is always our responsibility.